Amore Fuels Nutrition Clients:

“Working with Patrice was a joy! I learned many practical skills in each meeting and felt fully supported in my journey to eating healthier. What started out as a weight loss goal, turned into an appreciation for mindful eating and viewing food through a more positive lens. I appreciate Patrice’s preparation, kindness, and willingness to provide resources. I absolutely recommend working with her in any stage of your nutrition and health journey!”

“I used to not be able to eat a lot and ignore the feeling of being hungry because I did not want to look at the scale and see my weight increase after a meal. Now I am eating more often (every 5 hours) without setting reminders and I can FEEL my body getting hungry again!!”

“(I am) Learning to eat more balanced meals and sticking with it! I am stronger, eating to fill myself and not to overeat, have lost weight and feel good.”

From Education Classes:

“Awesome classes full of great info! Patrice is awesome and very knowledgeable.”

Very organized lessons.”

“Great lessons, I learned a lot!”

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Blue Cross Blue Shield RI

United Healthcare

Harvard Pilgrim


Let’s build sustainable changes together